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    Flux Satellite Zone (Generations Remake)

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    Flux Satellite Zone (Generations Remake)  Empty Flux Satellite Zone (Generations Remake)

    Post by 743mph on Thu Jul 21, 2011 6:44 pm

    Some of you may remember the not-so-great match level, Flux Satellite Zone, that I submitted for the May/June 2011 OLDC. Unsurprisingly, it lost (to a level called Ponies Suck Zone of all things. Admittely, it was an okay level, but the anti-pony theme was just odd.) I decided to remake the level in Single Player after I considered the idea that the reversed gravity would provide some interesting challenges in that mode. To celebrate Sonic's 20th birthday (which was around the time I started this level), I decided to follow in Sonic Generations' footsteps by having two playable Sonics, each taking a seperate path reminiscient of a generation of Sonic games. (It's a shame that I can't put slopes in Classic Sonic's area.) However, unlike Generations, I have tweaked the basic gameplay of each section, the main difference being that Modern Sonic's area is not a run-and-thok-to-win level. Right now, both paths end with a door to nowhere after the
    Metal Sonic miniboss
    , the two Sonics are exactly the same except for Modern Sonic's better acceleration and Homing Attack, and some lindef excecutors may be broken. I would like to get your opinion on what I have of the level so far.

    Note: If you choose to play the level in multiplayer, you can take the Classic path with Tails and the Modern path with Knuckles. Custom character WADs are automatically sorted into different paths depending on their S_SKIN abilities.

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