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    Project: SRB2Generations

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    Project: SRB2Generations Empty Project: SRB2Generations

    Post by 743mph on Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:31 am

    Put simply, Project: SRB2Generations is an effort to remake levels from throughout SRB2's history and compile them into a single level pack. The idea is that one level from each version of SRB2 will be chosen to represent its era in the pack. SRB2Generations recognizes five eras: SRB1, Halloween/Christmas, Demo/2k3, Final Demo, and 2.0. (Levels from mods may also be included, but for now, I'll just use vanilla SRB2 levels.) One final zone will also be included, as well as a final boss, neither of which fit into the "generations" method of picking levels. In addition to that, an already completed Emerald Hunt minigame will be added to the final version and unlocked after beating the game.

    The gameplay of the levels will consist of the Classic Sonic/Modern Sonic distinction that was used in the remake of Flux Satellite Zone, with the two taking different routes, Classic Sonic having a heavier emphasis on 2D platforming and Modern Sonic having more 3D speed sections. You will choose which mode you will use when you create a save file, and you will progress through the levels in that mode for the rest of the game.

    If you would like to participate in SRB2Generations, I have a few different options for you: you can be a beta tester, you can suggest an Emerald Hunt level (for uniqueness and convenience, must be a multiplayer level), or you can send me a link to a level pack of yours and tell me which level you would like to be remade (or remake it yourself, although you really don't have to do that, unless you want the remaking to go faster, of course. If you do, remember to include a path split at the start with a 2D platforming path and a 3D/2D speed-platforming mix path, and have them join back up at the end of the level.) I will give credit to everyone who participates in the credits of the pack.

    SRB1--Great Forest--0%
    Christmas--Gleaming Glacier--0%
    2k3--Airborne Temple--0%
    Final Demo--Techno Hill--0%
    2.0--Deep Sea--0%
    Final Level--Flux Satellite--100%
    Final Boss--0%
    Emerald Hunt--100%, accepting level requests

    If you would like to suggest a different level that would be better equipped to represent its era, feel free to tell me. As most of the level haven't ben started except for their level headers, there's definitely time to modify the basic plan.

    Download the unfinished version: 0hek4e
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    Project: SRB2Generations Empty Re: Project: SRB2Generations

    Post by Lilfut on Sun Jul 15, 2012 6:16 pm

    Arid Canyon would be a much better choice than Deep Sea.

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