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    Post by Fawfulfan on Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:41 pm

    This is a section to answer the most basic questions you might have. Please read through this carefully.

    Why did my WAD get deleted from Releases?
    The most likely reason is that your WAD was either a sprite rip or someone else's creation. Please give due credit when you post WADs. Or, better yet, use only your own work.

    Why did my topic get locked?
    There could be a number of reasons. Usually an administrator or moderator will post the reason why the topic is being locked before locking it.

    Why have I been banned?
    If you were banned, it means you've broken the rules somehow. Look at the Shelter Rules topic to see what you did wrong.

    How do I become an administrator or a moderator?
    Administrators and moderators are appointed by previously existing administrators. Don't ask if you can be an administrator or moderator...if you act maturely and intelligently and contribute a lot to the site, you'll be offered the position.

    How is this message board less strict than other SRB2 boards?
    There is a section in the Shelter Rules topic that describes what you can do here that you can't do on some other forums. But remember, there are still rules, and if you break them, administrative action might be taken against you.

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